Integrated Biosciences announces the first AI-driven discovery of senolytic compounds in Nature Aging,
its virtual-stress optogenetics platform in Cell Systems, and the first AI-driven discovery of a new class of antibiotics in Nature.

We are Integrated Biosciences.

Cellular rejuvenation with optogenetics and small molecules

We combine synthetic biology and machine learning to control cellular stress responses for next-generation therapeutics.

The Targets

Cellular stress responses contribute to diseases including neurodegeneration, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and other age-associated diseases. Targeting these stress responses with small molecule therapeutics is disease-modifying and will help to mediate healthy aging.

The Technology

Our proprietary synthetic biology technology allows us to virtually activate cellular stress responses, discover drugs targeting stressed cells, and rapidly identify drug targets. We have also developed next-generation deep learning approaches to identifying small molecules that will accelerate our discovery efforts.